IDL is an art and multimedia producing collaboration with an idealistic vision. Artists, producers, technical workers and management work closely together to combine quality with form and substance and to bring forth works which are profound, authentic and uncompromising in their expression.

Founded in 2005 with locations in London, Berlin and Leipzig, IDL is a: Production site, Service provider, Sponsor, Educational forum, Performance venue, Meeting place and creative retreat.

At present IDL is active in the following areas:
Film production (Verena Rahmig), Music production (Feroniba R. Hassani), Vocal music (Juliane Kindler), Painting & Drawing, Graphic Design (Toni Ellermann), Agency & Management (Verena Rahmig), Label and Publishing (Mona Groth), Coaching (Feroniba R. Hassani, Mona Groth), Charity (Feroniba R. Hassani)

Through the acquisition of three residential and business properties in Leipzig, IDL created a place where all participants have the possibility to live and work secluded and independently - a place where ideas can freely unfold. In an environment sheltered from daily concerns, one is offered the opportunity for inspiration through association and spontaneous interchange with similarly minded people and others from complementary subject areas. Preceding the union, various joint projects had already taken place. For example: the opening of a vegetarian Indian restaurant and an internet café, the building of a music and graphic design studio, the grounding of an artistic management company, vocal music performances as well as initial film productions.



1.   Since most people spend the biggest part of their life at work, the time spent should ideally feel as private as during leasure time; even if creating this may be hard work.
2.   We live and work according to our "pictures", meaning we do not make decisions based on "how we feel" but based on what we think, feel, dream, see, experience, talk, what comes to us - all taken into account together. This may result in the fact that others think we make our decisions illogically, even though for us and according to the pictures they are logical. But of course you have to stick to your responsibilities. In other words: the intuition and in the end also the inspiration must be right - we want to be able to really stand in for what we do in order to give 100%.
3.   Usually we arrive to decisions together with others whose opinion and experience on the various topics have proven their value. Important decisions should be discussed until all agree upon the best solution.
4.   Every person and the effort to preserve fairness, ideals and perfection within the company, stands above the projects themselves; meaning to treat a person well is just as important as finishing a project.    
    In one sentence: we strive to reach the best for all in every situation.
5.   Despite our idealistic approach and our effort to care about the well-being of every person as well as our company, our expercience has proven that unfortunately not all situations can always be solved on a personal level. We never thought this could happen and absolutely did not want it to. Unfortunately we are now forced to add the following conditions to our IDL philosophy:

If large tensions or conflicts arise between two or more persons, we try to a) solve them together in the first place. If this does not suceed, b) the life coach should be consulted. Only if all efforts to solve the situation on a personal level fail, we will c) employ a lawyer and cannot exclude the posibility to call for a lawsuit in order to finally reach a resolution.