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In 2013 the registered co-operative IDL eG was founded in Leipzig by seven members who have known each other for more or less twenty years and had previously realized projects like an Indian-vegetarian restaurant in Berlin, the founding of a music studio, various CD productions, concerts, managing an actor’s agency for 10 years and various charity and non-profit projects to help people in need.

IDL eG is an idealistic forum focusing on creating collaborative, eco-friendly living spaces in a respectful atmosphere and realizing projects with cultural or social impact. With all our activities we strive to support and improve social, cultural or economic life.

Being a co-operative means staying open-minded, respectful, not discriminating against any race, culture, gender, belief etc. It also means not to be a conventional company but to set ideals and stay true to them. We run like a company but our ideals come first. Co-operatives are famous for out-lasting their founders since they are based on principles, visions and ideals that inspire other people to become part of and therefore last longer than a life-time.


1) Susan Ellermann (40y): Web Designer; Advertising Engineer, Exhibition Stand Construction (; Medical-Technical Assistant; CAM Practitioner; member of Board of Directors of IDL eG; lives in Brandenburg on her farm with horses
2) Feroniba Ramin Hassani (56y): Pianist; Composer (; Audio Engineer; Author; Life Coach; Programmer; Board of Directors of IDL eG; married; 4 children; currently lives in New Zealand
3) Verena Hassani (42y): works in the film industry (; Actor’s Agent for 10 years; Property Management; married; 3 children; currently lives in New Zealand
4) Kathrin Kahl (39y): in training to become a CAM Practitioner; lives in Leipzig
5) Juliane Kindler (42y): Singer; Voice Actor (; Office-Manager for actors and artists (; divorced; 2 children; lives in her own flat in Berlin
6) Anne Matzeck (37y): Graphic Designer (; lives in our property in Leipzig
7) Christof Aderhold (49y): Carpenter; 2 children; lives in Berlin


Living Spaces

In 2014 we bought a listed six-story-building in Leipzig consisting of ten flats and two shops which was originally built in 1890. In 2016 we completely refurbished the building including the reconstruction of the top floor, adding balconies, rising the ecological value and energy level by installing central heating and insulation, constructing a new roof & windows and implementing solar panels on the roof. At the same time we tried to preserve the beauty and history of the old building, e.g. we refurbished the original wooden doors and floors from 1890 as well as original paintings on the ceiling where still existing. ‘Old’ meets ‘new’ culminating in a rather radical design.

We also rent out rooms of two large flats in the center of Berlin to tenants from all over the world.

All our tenants (as anyone else who is not a tenant) are invited but no tenant is obligated to become part of the co-operative or its projects. And they are invited – if interested – to shape and influence the living spaces and its ‘rules’ together with us. Our goal is to find solutions for conflicts if such arise. We wish to create an inspiring atmosphere inside the living spaces and among the tenants.

Here are some pictures of our property in Leipzig after it had been refurbished:

Event Café (2016-2018)

In order to support cultural values and the community in Leipzig and to raise awareness for climate change we established a non-profit event café in one of the shops of our property in Leipzig. We offered a daily program consisting of free live concerts or jam-sessions and the option to hear and exchange news and possible solutions about climate change and other factors worsening the global situation like sea-level rise, CO2 & Methane oversaturation as well as the political, social, economic and psychological impact. We also proposed to discuss what truly inspires each person despite climate change whether it be the arts, psychology, philosophy, religion, atheism etc. We reached about 1.000 people and raised awareness on climate change until we closed the café in late 2018 when some of us left Leipzig to visit New Zealand to possibly stay there.

FLYER etc.

Climate Symphony

Our activities surrounding climate change have turned into the project called CLIMATE SYMPHONY. Join us on Feroniba Ramin Hassani together with his family is currently visiting New Zealand and is trying to get accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship ( If successful CLIMATE SYMPHONY will launch from New Zealand and reach out to and connect with the world from there.




Board of Directors: Susan Ellermann & Feroniba Ramin Hassani
Eisenbahnstraße 120
04315 Leipzig
+49 170 860 5570